Jan 21, 2010

Afternoon Rainbow

Afternoon Rainbow. I was out one afternoon when I saw this lovely rainbow in Orlando sky. Orlando, FL. October 2007.

Jan 13, 2010

Potter Wasp

Potter wasps. These insects are no stranger to Florida. Their tiny ball shaped clay homes can be seen on window sills, around doors, on fences or trees. They are everywhere. I took this picture of a potter wasp outside my window as it was going for a sip of water, just after some showers had passed. Interesting little insects. Orlando, FL. July 2009.

Jan 9, 2010

Diversity In Color

Diversity In Color. Chinatown is a very interesting place to visit in NYC. There are dozens of stores and street vendors selling fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood and so much more. You can find the strangest food items from distant lands here. Some people buy, others look and there are those that just quickly pass by. There is constant movement and color and energy in the air in Chinatown. Manhattan, NYC, June 2009.

Jan 6, 2010

Steel Maze

Steel Maze. NYC is a city that consists of many bridges and all are quite unique. If you live in NYC long enough, you can just name the various bridges from looking at a photograph. This one is the Queensboro Bridge, which connects Queens to Manhattan. I like this picture because it gives the illusion that the bridge is infinite, it has no end. When will all the dizziness end. Queens, NYC. July 2008.

Jan 4, 2010

City Art

City Art. This picture was taken in the City Hall area in Manhattan, of course. Another sample of NYC's hiddens art (low base relief sculpture) waiting to be discovered. It's weird how the letters "n" and "h" are united in the middle, same happens with the letters "t". Manhattan, NY. June 2009.

Hidden Relief Art

Hidden Relief Art. Driving around City Hall in Manhattan, I took this picture outside one of the many buildings in the area. In the midst of all the movement and multitude of objects at view, I saw this beautiful Greek/Roman low base relief sculpture on an outside wall. Manhattan, NYC. June 2009.

Jan 3, 2010

Busy Streets

Busy Streets. A view of the busy streets of Chinatown, in the lower east side of Manhattan. In the center of the picture is an overpass highway and buildings showing the City Hall area. Manhattan, NY. June 2009.

City Clutter

City Clutter. A look of the lower Manhattan area from up high. You can see lots of buildings, cars, signs and gray from the rain. Manhattan, NY. June 2009.